Our Section of Trail

Appalachian Trail from Killington to Bridgewater
Appalachian Trail from Bridgewater to Woodstock/Pomfret
Appalachian Trail from Woodstock/Pomfret to Norwich

Appalachian Trail between Killington and Norwich, VT   

Road Access Points


  • Access Point numbers are shown in blue on the above three maps. 
  • Numbering follows the travel on the AT from west to east.
  • The trail distance between Killington and Norwich is approximately 45 miles.
  • Each of the three maps covers approximately 15 miles of trail.

Number                      Description

  1. VT Rte. 4 Parking south of Pico Ski area
  2. VT Rte. 4 Parking at Sherburne Pass (across from Inn at the Long Trail)
  3. VT Rte. 100 Kent Pond Fishing Access (1/2 mi. north of Rte.4)
  4. River Road – Parking for Board Walk/Thundering Falls
  5. Stoney Brook Rd (5.7 mi. from VT Rte. 107)
  6. Chateauguay Rd – access from VT Rte. 12 near Barnard (2 miles of rough road)
  7. VT Rte. 12 Parking 3.9 mi. north of Woodstock
  8. Woodstock Stage Rd near Suicide Six ski area
  9. Pomfret Rd Parking – off VT Rte. 12
  10. Joe Ranger Rd – off Quechee-West Hartford Rd
  11. VT Rte. 14 Parking – in West Hartford
  12. Happy Hill Rd – off Bragg Hill Rd in Norwich (limited parking)
  13. Elm Street in Norwich, VT (limited parking)

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