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Bear Alert – PLEASE READ!

Bears are always a potential problem for hikers, especially in unpredictable years when their wild food is scarce.  Preventing of trouble is much better than dealing with bears that have become aggressive.  Following the recommendations below will help protect you and other hikers as well as your food. 

  1. It’s best to carry a bear-proof or bear-resistant storage canister for all food, toiletries and anything else with a scent, including trash, cookpots and dishes (even if washed).  Learn how to use the canister, and at night place it at least 100 yards from your sleeping place, but not where it can roll off a cliff or into a water body. 
  2. A bear box has been installed at Stony Brook Shelter. You also may find boxes at other shelters.  If you have no canister, please use the bear box if available.  Leave as much space as possible for other backpackers.
  3. If you have no canister and there is no bear box or permanent provision installed for hanging food and other items, try to find a sturdy branch on a tree far from your camp that will enable you to hang scented items at least 12 feet high and 6 feet away from the trunk. Do not hang or otherwise store food inside a shelter or your tent!
  4. Directions and diagrams are provided on the first link below.

The U.S. Forest Service has implemented a mandatory food storage order, which is available on the Green Mountain National Forest website.A copy of the order and additional background information can be found on the Green Mountain Club website by following the links below: